Construct Proud … The Trademark of a Construction Professional.

The “Construct Proud” logo has been designed to appeal to a broad base in the construction industry, from those that get their hands dirty and those that don’t. It’s time to lose the “tradie” banner and embrace skills that are hard won, learnt and executed. A building professional in this age has as much earning capacity, if not more, than many university degree graduates and it is time for recognition, both by yourself and also the public.

As a professional myself in the building industry, I have long thought the industry in general does not recognise those that perform above par or embrace the pride which should be inherent in the construction industry. The only stamp we can put on ourselves, in an endeavour to convey a message of quality, is perhaps to claim membership of Master Builders, HIA or similar organisations.

For those serious about their business and role in the construction industry the “Construct Proud “ logo is a clear, concise statement of what they stand for and what their customers can expect. It will also motivate your staff and those who purely appreciate the branding and their place in the industry.

Be part of a culture of pride and integrity. The Construct Proud logo has the potential to become a point of recognition and credibility between both building professionals and customers alike. In the same vein that the” Dewalt” logo is a symbol of a quality tool, I believe we can develop a sense of the “Construct Proud” banner lending the same credibility to those who embrace it.

Become part of the movement and set yourself apart.We are the builders of this world, We take pride in what we do and what we achieve

Construct Proud is for all Construction Professionals including:











Office Staff




Construct Proud – Wear it with Pride


"Construct Proud” is the Trademark of a Construction Professional"

Aaron Wilson
Our building company adopted the Construct Proud logo last year and have received nothing but positive feedback. It has enabled us to build trust with clients, suppliers and our contractors. Thanks to Construct Proud we now have an advantage over other businesses in our competitive industry

"We wear the “Construct Proud” logo with pride"

Darren Watson
It’s about time someone created a new standard so tradies can be recognised for the expert skills they possess. “Construct Proud” have stepped up and delivered just that. Our entire workforce, including office workers, wear the “Construct Proud” logo with pride. It has created a new sense of professionalism amongst our teams and improved morale.