We welcome inquiries from those interested in partnering with us and developing the Construct Proud culture.

Opportunities are available for licensing and manufacture.


"Construct Proud” is the Trademark of a Construction Professional"

Aaron Wilson
Our building company adopted the Construct Proud logo last year and have received nothing but positive feedback. It has enabled us to build trust with clients, suppliers and our contractors. Thanks to Construct Proud we now have an advantage over other businesses in our competitive industry

"We wear the “Construct Proud” logo with pride"

Darren Watson
It’s about time someone created a new standard so tradies can be recognised for the expert skills they possess. “Construct Proud” have stepped up and delivered just that. Our entire workforce, including office workers, wear the “Construct Proud” logo with pride. It has created a new sense of professionalism amongst our teams and improved morale.

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Construct Proud – Wear it with Pride